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RAF flight suits

Allied flight gear in WW II

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RAF flight suits
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Again a page about inner and outer suits, but RAF issue.


Quilted kapok liner for the 1940 & '41 pattern Sidcot suits, ref. 22C/855-858 intended to be worn over the Type D heated waistcoat or directly underneath the 1941 pattern Sidcot.


Both suits combined as worn by light bomber crew during 1941. In addition, type D inner flying gloves and the type D inner socks/botees are affixed to the suit by means of press studs.


A 1941 pattern electrically wired Sidcot suit which definitely saw action. The suit itself wasn't heated, but a wire for glove and foot heating runs across the suit. The wearer could be heated by using the type D waistcoat underneath the Sidcot. Note: a detachable fur collar is available if the wearer so decided.